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Somali pirates fight over ransom

Somalia map

A minimum of five individuals have died in Somalia in clashes between pirates fighting on the ransom taken care of a lately launched hostage sources have told the BBC

The gunfight started within the central capital of scotland- Galkayo on Thursday mid-day

Journalist Michael Scott Moore that has dual US and German citizenship was freed on Tuesday after nearly 3 years in captivity

But there’s been no confirmation that the ransom was taken care of his release

It’s not obvious just who was holding him

He was kidnapped in The month of january 2012 while researching a magazine on piracy

The clashes started following a lengthy argument about how exactly the ransom ought to be divided several sources in Galkayo stated

Four males along with a lady were wiped out they stated

Police official Mohamed Hassan told the Connected Press agency that the top sailing commander was among individuals who died

Also, he stated that the ransom have been compensated

Various armed groups happen to be fighting for charge of Somalia because the overthrow of Leader Siad Barre in 1991 – a scenario which has permitted pirates to flourish

Regional centres like Galkayo in Somalias north-eastern region of Puntland have achieved positive results from investment funded by piracy

But occurrences of piracy off Somalias coast have dropped lately – with armed pads on ships and worldwide navy patrols reported as a few of the reasons by maritime experts