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Students challenged on extremism

The Nation’s Union of scholars (NUS) has been advised by ministers to aid the government authorities counter-radicalisation programme Prevent

Colleges Minister Jo Manley has written towards the NUS saying it had been disappointing to determine its opposition towards the Prevent strategy

The NUS stated it had legitimate concerns concerning the impact from the policy on student welfare

From 21 September United kingdom colleges have a new duty to prevent extremism

Institutions can also get to tackle gender segregation at occasions and should have proper assessment systems for asked loudspeakers and be sure individuals with extremist sights don’t go unchallenged

The guidance also sets out that colleges need to ensure they have appropriate it guidelines staff training and student welfare programmes in position to determine and react to signs of radicalisation

Similar responsibilities were placed on local authorities prisons NHS trusts and schools in This summer

The government authorities extremism analysis unit stated a minimum of 70 occasions featuring hate loudspeakers were held on grounds this past year

Within the letter towards the NUS Mr Manley stated: Colleges represent an essential arena for challenging extremist sights It’s important there might be active challenge and debate on issues relevant to counter terrorism and provisions for academic freedom are members of the Prevent guidance for colleges and schools

It is indeed my firm view that everyone has a job to experience in challenging extremist ideologies and safeguarding students on campus Ultimately the Prevent technique is about safeguarding individuals from radicalisation

Therefore, it is disappointing to determine overt opposition towards the Prevent programme The legal duty that’ll be put on colleges and schools highlights the significance the government places about this

Mr Manley known within the letter to comments produced by an NUS officer who he stated referred to the government authorities approach like a racialised Islamophobic witch-search and also to another union officer who stated that methods like Prevent ultimately exist to police Muslim expression

An NUS speaker stated there have been legitimate concerns concerning the change up the Counter Terrorism and Security Act may have on student welfare

Critique and debate is in the centre from the policy-making process and thus we’d encourage government to pay attention and think about the legitimate concerns which exist for their agenda instead of attacking organisations for not saying yes using their approach

As students unions aren’t public physiques and for that reason not susceptible to the Act its confusing the government are extremely centered on our work

NUS is really a campaigning organisation so our opposition for this agenda – according to both principled and practical concerns and passed at our newest national conference – is both valid and appropriate

On Wednesday the Pm David Cameron will chair the very first meeting from the extremism taskforce because the general election

Nicola Dandridge leader of Colleges United kingdom stated: Colleges have a huge role to experience in stopping violent extremism and marketing freedom of expression

Colleges have strong close ties using the police and security services and also have engaged using the government authorities Prevent strategy for several years This new duty is really a continuation of this work

She added: With regards to how people can become radicalised you should keep in mind that colleges are just one a part of youthful students lives and they’ve a number of other influences from grounds like the web social networking and membership of non-college groups

David Corke director of your practice and abilities policy in the Association of Schools stated: The safeguarding of scholars is of vital importance and lots of schools begin to see the Prevent duty being an extension of the responsibility

Stopping youthful individuals from being attracted in by extremist rhetoric and involved in activities that could place them varieties in danger is one thing that schools take very seriously

The UCU teachers union cautioned the anti-extremism policy threatened freedom of speech which colleges required to safeguard the authority to academic freedom and open debate

The very best reaction to functions of terror would be to retain our colleges and schools as open democratic spaces instead of close lower debate and make mistrust between teacher and student that is what diets risk doing stated the unions general secretary Sally Search