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Can Lithuania turn brain drain into brain gain?

Migration is frequently seen when it comes to the outcome on western nations

But losing the youthful and gifted has large effects for that financial systems and education systems of nations left out In Lithuania this means colleges the launchpads of innovation can find it difficult to find enough candidates

Within the twenty five years since nov Communism Lithuania has lost 1 in 5 of their population

If this broke from the old Ussr in 1990 the Baltic condition were built with a population of 37 million It is now lower to 29 million

High amounts of migration since joining the Eu in 2004 are partially responsible with Eu statistics showing that nearly 54000 people left this year – 1 / 2 of them going to the United kingdom

Contributing to Lithuanias population decline may be the halving from the birth rate between 1991 and 2004

It makes sense deficiencies in 19 and 20 year olds harming the countrys colleges and endangering efforts to construct a understanding economy

Student enrolments are shedding by between 5% and sevenPercent each year states Ilona Kazlauskaite mind of Lithuanias greater education programmes unit in the Education Trades Support Foundation

The worst forecasts are that the amount of graduates will fall by 40% by 2023 in comparison to 2009 if there is nothing done

Pressure around the countrys colleges can also be driven with a brain drain of youthful talent particularly following the global economic decline

Unescos Global Flow of Tertiary-level Students shows greater than 12000 Lithuanians studying abroad from students population of 160000 Thats one out of every 14 students

The United kingdom is undoubtedly their favourite destination with only under 5000 Lithuanian students based on Unesco An additional 1600 have been in Danish colleges where tuition is free of charge for those EU students

United kingdom colleges have a similar tugging energy within the other two Baltic states – with 2200 Latvian students and 1200 from Estonia

All of this leads to a strain in Lithuania in which the economy is recuperating following the painful austerity many companies are screaming for youthful people with the proper abilities

This season started with Lithuania joining the euro and it is Leader Dalia Grybauskaite likes to indicate that despite diminishing the economy by 15% following the 2008 financial crash: Lithuania handled with no relief

Anticipation in Lithuania is the fact that investment and much deeper integration using the west follows

So can better economic fortunes turn back human talent flow and get more worldwide students to Lithuania?

It will not be simple The capitals Vilnius College dating back 1597 is battling

More tales in the BBCs Understanding economy series searching at education from the global perspective and just how to go into touch

Competition from foreign colleges to find the best Lithuanian students is fierce with scholarship grants and free tuition dangled while watching cleverest

Nijole Bulotaite the universitys speaker confesses: Retaining talent is among our most pressing problems together with demographic changes

However the fightback is going ahead and Lithuania is dealing with Latvia and Estonia to advertise studying within the Baltic states to worldwide students

Lithuanian data implies that the nation located almost 5000 foreign students in 2014 Up from almost 4000 this year

Most are from Belarus and Russia however growth marketplaces include Ukraine Nigeria Azerbaijan Georgia and Germany Students originating from India have risen from just 57 this year to 357 this past year

Ilona Kazlauskaite states: Medicine and engineering are most widely used for people from other countries and much more levels are now being offered in British

Trades and joint study programmes with colleges abroad are opening Lithuania to students from further afield including Poultry and Columbia

Nevertheless the key might be a brand new law reducing the best for foreign students to remain and search for work with six several weeks after graduation

Ms Kazlauskaite stated this will make Lithuania more appealing to worldwide students Formerly they needed to leave after graduation and obtain a new visa even when these were going onto a masters degree

Karina Ufert a Vilnius graduate who chaired the ecu Students Union this year-13 welcomes the move

Lithuanias work market needs worldwide students who’ve analyzed here learnt the word what and wish to work here or generate a business she states

But more must be completed to strengthen the colleges – with greater concentrate on repairing Lithuanias talents in science and engineering states Dr Margarita Starkeviciute an old person in the ecu Parliament

She brought round table discussions on the way forward for Lithuanian greater education in 2013 which known as for mergers to produce more powerful college brands

Despite support from some college leaders and also the vice-minister for education and sciences Rimantas Vaitkus there’s only been one merger from a college of drugs along with a veterinary academy Lithuania continues to have 14 condition colleges

Dr Vaitkus states: Despite falling student amounts more government cash is entering greater education and co-operation between colleges has been urged to promote possible mergers

Also, he welcomes efforts to turn back brain drain and support brain gain by encouraging Lithuanians working abroad to come back on the short-term basis to train at Lithuanian colleges

The number of brain drain and brain gain is dependent around the economy and today were area of the euro hopefully much more of our graduates will return and discover jobs in Lithuania

This really is large challenge for Lithuania and lots of other Baltic central and eastern European nations

But you will find some indications of coming back

Marius Skuodis aged 29 gone to live in the United kingdom together with his wife Rita a cpa for any two-year master of public administration degree in the London School of Financial aspects this year

Now he’s in Vilnius being employed as a senior specialist staying with you of Lithuanias worldwide relations department

Careful analysis return was very difficult he states It meant a lesser salary for the short term but the opportunity to pursue a PhD at Vilnius College and job possibilities in the long run

Lithuania offered me career possibilities I possibly could not expect within the United kingdom he states