Nigeria closes schools over Ebola

Children in Nigeria will be on holiday for a further six weeks

All schools in Nigeria have been ordered to remain shut until 13 October as part of measures to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.

The current outbreak is the deadliest since Ebola was discovered in 1976

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has temporarily shut an Ebola testing laboratory in Kailahun in eastern Sierra Leone after a Senegalese health worker became infected with the virus.

There have been 392 Ebola deaths in Sierra Leone, according to the latest UN figures released on 22 August. Kailahun is one of the worst-affected districts and is currently under blockade.

It’s a temporary measure to take care of the welfare of our remaining workers, a WHO spokesman is quoted by the Reuters news agency as saying

On Tuesday, the WHO said an unprecedented number of doctors and nurses had been infected with Ebola which was further impeding control efforts.

Infections were due to a shortage of protective equipment and staff, it said.

Only one or two doctors are available for 100,000 patients in some of the affected countries

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