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Cruz sacks top aide over doctored video

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has asked for his campaign representative to resign following a staffer promoted a doctored video of rival Marco Rubio

Staffer Ron Tyler tweeted an account and subtitled video that shown Mr Rubio mentioning for the Bible just like a bestseller without many solutions within it

Mr Rubios campaign mentioned he really mentioned: All the solutions will be in there

The decision uses the Cruz campaign remains frequently billed with lies and dirty techniques by rival campaigns

Our campaign should not have sent it Mr Cruz told reporters on Monday We are no offer which will question the idea of one other candidate for president

Mr Tyler the Cruz campaigns communication director apologised for the Rubio campaign in the publish to Facebook

Live coverage: – Divided Us citizens inside an election year

Could a Canadian be US president? Does it matter where a countrys leader arrives?

The rapid rocky ascension of Ted Cruz – Mr Cruz didnt showed up at Washington to produce pals

Rubio and also the fight to become heard  A good candidate struggles capture fire

Ive removed the publish since i wouldn’t knowingly publish the wrong story Mr Tyler mentioned But the truth is that we did publish it once i should have checked its precision first I regret the mistake

Other Republican candidates Ben Carson and Jesse Trump have formerly criticised the Cruz campaign after his staffers were billed with wrongly telling voters that Mr Carson had dropped in the race just several hours before the Iowa caucuses

Mr Cruz apologised for the Carson campaign nevertheless the issue has lingered inside the race

Mr Trump has furthermore taken trouble with negative adverts backed with the Cruz campaign Mr Trump has threatened to file for a suit Mr Cruz for defamation

While Mr Trump is presently leading the Republican field after big wins in Nh and Sc Mr Cruz and Mr Rubio will be in a great race for second place

Pope in historic Russia church talks

Pope Francis and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill have known as for restored Christian oneness backward and forward places of worship at historic talks in Cuba

The meeting was the very first from a Pope along with a Russian Chapel mind because the Western and Eastern branches of Christianity split within the eleventh Century

Inside a joint declaration additionally they advised the planet to safeguard Christian believers from persecution in the centre East

The Pope has showed up in Mexico for any five-day visit

An audience of 300000 braved the cold in Mexico City to welcome him towards the country that has the mobile phone industry’s second biggest Catholic population

The Pope was welcomed in the airport terminal by Leader Enrique Pena Nieto

The 2-hour talks on Friday between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill were held at Havana airport terminal

Patriarch Kirill continues to South america and Paraguay

The happy couple accepted and kissed one another at the beginning of their talks

Im pleased to invite you in dear brother the Russian Chapel leader stated

Finally the pontiff stated

In a news conference following the meeting Kirill stated the discussions were open and brotherly while Francis referred to them as very sincere

Hopefully our meeting adds towards the re-establishment of the oneness wanted for by God their joint declaration stated

The document known as around the world community to protect Christian believers stating that in lots of nations from the Middle East and North Africa whole families towns and metropolitan areas in our siblings and siblings in Christ are now being completely exterminated

Their places of worship are now being barbarously ravaged and looted their sacred objects profaned their monuments destroyed

Within the swirl of Vatican authorities and security outfitted in black Pope Francis would be a lone estimate whitened around the heated tarmac of Havana airport terminal because he showed up to complete his part in healing among the longest religious disputes

Russian Patriarch Kirill had showed up shortly prior to the venue would be a compromise – it might be impossible to achieve the first such meeting within the Vatican or Moscow and Catholic Cuba continues to be within the Russian sphere of influence

Home the Patriarch needs to overcome the anger of conservatives who consider Catholicism a deviation from true Christianity Clearly this can be a critique he feels safe to disregard now

Minutes later the Pope and also the black-robed Patriarch were holding one another through the shoulders and smiling cordially Then your leaders of Catholics and Russian Orthodox Christian believers sitting lower It had been almost business as always

Russian condition TV referred to the talks backward and forward males because the meeting from the millennium

In purely symbolic terms it is really an remarkable moment but it’s possibly much more significant when it comes to Chapel diplomacy the kevinsawyer Will Grant in Havana states Patriarch Kirill continues to be the mind from the Russian Orthodox Chapel since Feb 2009 while Pope Francis required up his role in March 2013The Roman Catholic Chapel has greater than a billion people worldwide as the Russian Orthodox Chapel amounts about 165 millionThe Russian Chapel may be the biggest and many effective within the Orthodox belief which consists of numerous separate places of worship

The encounter in Havana isn’t likely to result in any immediate rapprochement between your Western and eastern Places of worship In front of the meeting the foreign policy chief from the Russian Orthodox Chapel Metropolitan Illarion stated there have been still variations backward and forward places of worship particularly on western Ukraine A particular problem may be the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Chapel which follows eastern chapel rituals but solutions towards the Holy See The Russian Orthodox Chapel has thought about western Ukraine its traditional territory resenting papal influence there

Key dates: Why Cuba Thorny problem

Emergency plan to help teach Syria’s refugees

The urgent have to improve education services for Syrian refugees will be based on a partnership between your mobile phone industry’s greatest education firm Pearson and also the Save the kids charitable organisation

Pearson is adding a preliminary £1m to some development and research project to figure out ways to supply training for countless youthful people as well as their families who’ve been forced from their houses through the conflict in Syria

John Fallon Pearsons leader states he wants ESCORT innovative low-cost easy-to-replicate solutions that may be shared more broadly ESCORT to supply education in towns disrupted and displaced by Syrias war

Save the kids leader Justin Forsyth told the BBC the Syrian crisis was now within the ESCORT top league of humanitarian problems ever ESCORT

ESCORT Its certainly one of individuals tragedies thats appalling on all fronts ESCORT stated Mr Forsyth

ESCORT Elsewhere for example in West Africa and also the Ebola crisis its terrible however it seems like its improving and weve switched a large part

ESCORT However in Syria and also the neighbouring nations it seems like its getting worse and the amount of violence has produced mass human suffering

ESCORT As well as for children it’s produced trauma – they all are traumatised ESCORT

Mr Forsyth states why is the conflict much more nightmarish continues to be using violence against children like a tactic of terror

ESCORT Within this war youngsters are deliberately the prospective You will find no two ways around that In northern Iraq I lately met a parent who explained the way they performed her eight-year-old boy before her

ESCORT In another situation they slit the throats of kids before their parents They are deliberate functions of terror Its a means of obtaining the community to leave before them You develop mass terror

ESCORT There arent a multitude of locations on the planet that occurs Children could possibly get swept up within the crossfire but to deliberately target them makes mtss is a particularly terrible conflict ESCORT

Their bond between your charitable organisation and Pearson aims to aid education with this ESCORT lost generation ESCORT and to supply a feeling of normality for children who face years in refugee camps

More tales in the BBCs Understanding economy series searching at education from the global perspective and just how to go into touch

They are effective on projects for example teacher training creating a curriculum and taking advantage of it using the goal to find ideas that may be duplicated and shared

ESCORT You will find huge amounts of kids from school Its likely to breed instability and extremism ESCORT

Without this kind of intervention to aid education Mr Forsyth states you will find lots of others prepared to ESCORT walk into the vacuum delivering another type of education that’s a lot more extreme ESCORT

ESCORT Its within our interest to create this purchase of education not to mention for that moral reasons of attempting to assist the children themselves

ESCORT What we should learn about education is the fact that its crucial for the children’s future and also the countrys future

ESCORT Nevertheless its also this problem of trauma many happen to be tortured or observed terrible atrocities also it enables them to overcome that trauma to possess some normality within their lives and college is a very important a part of that ESCORT

ESCORT I believe we have to see education after water and food to be as essential as other interventions in desperate situations Its frequently poor people cousin of humanitarian response and thats no more acceptable ESCORT

John Fallon speaking in Pearsons London headquarters stated: ESCORT Something similar to this feels quite overwhelming and humbling since i view it and think its quite a small contribution within the overall scale from the challenge ESCORT

But he states ESCORT it is not enough just to create a donation and feel better about yourself ESCORT

Rather their bond with Save the kids calls for Pearson using its expertise to locate suggestions for school systems for refugees and also to prevent a ESCORT vicious loop ESCORT by which the modern displaced misleading youngsters end up being the fuel for tomorrows conflicts

You will see another £500000 for Save the kids refugee centres in Jordan but Mr Fallon wants the study project to provide lengthy-term ideas that may be applied elsewhere

The organization comes with an ethos of ESCORT social impact ESCORT and that he states ESCORT if would be in keeping with that philosophy it needs to be something we all do for those parts of the city and all sorts of parts around the globe ESCORT including individuals within the most desperate conditions

ESCORT Its exactly what a sustainable company that’s for the long-term needs to actually cover

ESCORT The way in which Pearson will succeed like a company within the next five to ten years is as simple as assisting to meet effectively what is among the greatest needs these days that is supplying greater use of top quality education

ESCORT The scandal is not nearly individuals not in class but because many again who’re in class and never learning anything We must concentrate on the final results

ESCORT We must be as dedicated to the weakest people in the world around towards the progressively wealthy aspirational middle-class

ESCORT Even just in the most challenging towns you may make significant progress if you have a obvious vision and strategy and know very well what youre attempting to do and put it on in an exceedingly persistent way

ESCORT You want to get up on the intersection of technology and good teaching Were now learning even more than we have ever did before by what comprises good teaching and just how to maker sure it provides good final results ESCORT

But optimism continues to be intermittent

This season marks the skipped deadline to supply the most fundamental primary education for those children all over the world a promise because of be shipped in 2000 after which moved to 2015

Unesco has become warning by using a funding gap of $22bn (£15bn) the targets won’t be also accomplished with a new deadline of 2030

Around the edges from the Syrian conflict the Lebanese education minister Elias Bou Saab lately cautioned the BBC that his country risked being overcome and destabilised through the sheer weight of amounts of refugees

Using the Not education envoy Gordon Brown these were seeking $160m (£106m) in the worldwide community to supply education for 500000 youngsters

To place that into context the annual global invest in education has become about $5trn (£332trn)

In Poultry the Qatari government continues to be supporting education projects for Syrian refugees in camps where schools are running four changes each day

Sheikha Moza has campaigned for recognition that there’s frequently nothing temporary about refugee camps which youthful people can live there for his or her entire childhood making schools essential instead of an optional extra

There’s even the question of creating better utilisation of the abilities of refugees within the camps including instructors

ESCORT They would like to be productive people of society They shouldn’t be passive readers of hands-outs ESCORT she stated

Mr Forsyth states this can be a crisis engulfing an entire region You will find refugees who’ve arrived at Egypt and are attempting to mix the med

Its an issue now lapping around the shores of southern Europe

Two days on ice with three polar bears

In This summer Russian adventurer Sergey Ananov was made to ditch his helicopter in icy waters between Canada and Greenland Here he describes his two-day fight against high winds and extreme temps – along with a couple of unpredicted visitors

I usually feel totally free relaxed and happy when Im flying helis which was just how I had been feeling shortly before 11:30 on 25 This summer

I had been midway via a six-hour flight from Iqaluit in Canada to Nuuk in Greenland I had been flying over a thick carpet of fog and underneath a vibrant canopy of cloud steering my Robinson R22 through this fluffy gray corridor quite alone on the planet using the engine noise and a sense of intense happiness Alongside me within the passenger chair sitting an additional gas tank which i had nicknamed Wilson following the volleyball in Castaway And 1500ft (460m) below me – though I possibly could avoid seeing it due to the fog – lay the ice and cold waters from the Davis Strait

All of a sudden I felt a jolt within the tail and that i lost about 50 % the energy towards the rotor blades The engine was running fine and so i required it to signal an issue in transmission The rate was shedding dramatically – bad I did not wish to risk falling just like a pebble from the sky and so i made the changes I desired to accelerate which meant losing altitude The helicopter was trembling and veering alarmingly to one for reds and inside a couple of seconds it grew to become obvious in my experience that I wouldn’t have the ability to continue my flight

It had been Day 42 of my solo make an effort to end up being the first person to circumnavigate the planet inside a helicopter weighing under one tonne

A 1000 ideas experienced my mind included in this that one: Oh God I’ve flown 34000 miles and it is only 4000 more till I recieve my world record in Moscow And: How come this need to occur to me here not over the swamps of Florida or even the prairies of Canada or perhaps somewhere in Siberia where I’d just have the ability to land escape my phone and demand help?

I switched the helicopter onto auto-rotation a security mode that enables it to glide downwards Shedding with the layer of fog that was just 200 ft (60m) over the ocean I saw from the corner of my attention a welcoming lump of ice However I was quickly losing rotation also it could have been harmful to try and extend the flight to achieve it and so i headed straight for that

I dont accept the term crashed that journalists are extremely keen on It wasn’t an accident It had been a forced landing on water also it would be a very controlled and soft one I had been completely unscathed

The helis tail sank immediately I understood there is some risk that my weight would tip the aircraft onto my side – starboard – and trap me in deep water and so i put my weight to my left to pressure the helicopter onto port side It fell with that side and also the rotor blades that have been still turning smashed to pieces at first glance

I Then undid my safety belt and opened up the doorway Instantly I had been as much as my neck in icy water I had been putting on a survival suit only throughout my legs and waist – the top end hung loose since i think it is quite impossible to fly with one covering my arms and torso Such was my adrenaline at that time which i didnt have the cold whatsoever I swam from the helicopter after which dived down again to retrieve the existence raft that was stowed under my chair

Whenever I’d psychologically practiced a landing on water I’d designed my brain to consider the existence raft was my first priority It did save my existence though not in the manner I imagined

It switched out I had been just 50m approximately in the lump of ice I’d spotted prior to making my landing which was much better than any inflatable raft I swam over and rose onto it It had been about 15-20m across and could be my house for that expected future By this time around the helicopter had disappeared from view – within thirty seconds approximately it had sunk in to the fast water

I Then required off my survival suit Putting on only my under garments and trembling strongly within the wind I expected just as much water when i could from the suit I Then restore it on squelchy wet and freezing cold Used to do up lifting the absurd built-in hat over my mind

The wind was absolutely killing me I acquired lower inside a horizontal position and inflated the existence raft It had been yellow and square I tied one finish from the raft to my leg and held onto another with my hands and hid beneath it utilizing it like a windbreaker

Which was after i began to conquer myself up I had been travelling with two trackers a distress beacon along with a satellite phone however they had all gone lower using the helicopter Why didnt you join in and obtain them? I requested myself Sure it could have been very uncomfortable but you ought to have dived in

Still I felt certain that the alarm could be elevated I’d several buddies who I understood were monitoring my progress carefully and would observe that the tracker around the helicopter had arrived at a dead stop However I also understood the trackers final position might have been far from where I arrived and also, since it wasn’t by hand triggered my buddies didn’t have method of knowing I had been still alive

I’d a couple of packs water amounting to possibly half a litre along with a small pack of protein bars – about 2000 calories of food I additionally had three flares this was packed within the existence raft

I woke up and attempted getting around just a little to help keep my circulation going however i found myself panting as if I used to do hard workout Throughout time around the ice I didn’t stop shivering whatsoever

One factor I wasn’t particularly concerned about was polar bears My block of ice was adrift at ocean with only a couple of more protuberances of ice nearby Mainly it had been water – water water water And also the wind

Then four hrs after my forced landing I had been laying on my small stomach within my makeshift tent attempting to retain warmth and breathing as shallowly when i could through my nose after i heard the seem of heavy breathing nearby and crushing snow Actions I peeked from under the foot of the existence raft and that i saw him a polar bear sniffing at the environment and walking within my direction

I needed to make an immediate decision And That I made the decision that since he’d surprised me I’d surprise him And So I leaped up and put from the existence raft Boo! I Then rushed at him arms upstretched roaring

I had been attempting to show anger and that i actually was angry – with myself using the situation I had been in with this bear which had in some way found its way onto my lump of ice How dare he come here and then try to eat me!

It has to have looked absurd – like whenever you pretend to become a monster with children However it labored The bear switched and went away Ok I figured they know that i’m in charge – now I must develop that And So I chased after him

We arrived at the advantage of my bit of ice and that he leaped nimbly to a different Well I couldnt do this and so i was around the edge my arms still in mid-air my eyes black coals of rage roaring And That I saw the ocean around me have been quite changed everything moved around through the wind No more was my ice lump isolated just a little island however it now butted against others Obviously I wasn’t protected from bears

The bear jogged on another 25m approximately He then sitting lower on his backside and switched and checked out me mutely just like a dog He wanted to be aware what I’d do next – and thus did I

Discover more

Well what could I actually do? I couldnt just change and amble to my existence raft And So I was there and transported up with the roaring which makes it obvious he was certainly not welcome back on my small island I was like this for possibly a complete minute – him sitting and watching me standing and roaring – then your bear was up and began walking gradually away Every five seconds he looked go back over his shoulder simply to check things i was as much as It had been after he’d gone 100m approximately so we were half-hidden from one another by fog which i permitted myself to sit down lower

Oh God I figured Which was challenging Is he going to return? Hell most likely return In the end they know those meals is here now so hell just use a large circle after which hell sniff my smell around the wind and return

From there I remained sitting upright looking in the blue-gray horizon for bears

Soon after this episode I heard the seem of the plane overhead It had been invisible within the heavy fog but nonetheless I snapped up certainly one of my flares and launched it It burned for thirty seconds after which spluttered the noise from the plane increased fainter and fainter The pilot clearly hadnt seen me

I needed to acknowledge that taking everything into consideration – the heavy fog the truth that I’d apparently drifted from my reason for landing the ultimate cold and also the polar bears – my likelihood of survival were slim

I divided my protein bars and water supply into three one pile for every day I merely couldnt suppose to another 2 days I’d possess the energy to chase off polar bears I reflected that a minimum of my loved ones were well setup I wouldnt be departing my spouse and my two grown-up youngsters with anything worries

But when Used to do survive I’d possess a couple of suggestions to lead towards the science of search and save Ideas for example:

  • Send helis not planes to search for children
  • Make survival suits that you could really fly in
  • Attach small radio beacons towards the suits or existence rafts

I did not have any sleep that evening Used to do close my eyes but I didn’t sleep I commanded myself to not sleep to ensure that I wouldnt miss any approaching bears As it turned out I managed to get right through to the morning

Another plane came overhead and that i released another flare however it was exactly like before – useless within the thick fog There is a helicopter too however it hovered about two miles away most probably where my accident happened

That morning another polar bear came for me personally and that i chased them back in much the same way because the first Once more it went off then sitting and checked out me for some time then sauntered away

Within the mid-day I had been overtaken with a strange impulse On my bit of ice about 50cm in the edge would be a large hole full of water It was melted ice however it was sadly undrinkable since a little funnel had permitted sea water to go in too

The icy walls of the hole made water inside shine an aquamarine blue as inviting just like any Mediterranean pool I had been fed up with laying around the hard ice and so i expected my existence raft onto water and lay onto it then drawn the rafts ocean anchor – that is essentially a sizable plastic bag – on the top of me just like a blanket Like this I had been lightly warmed and able to better reflect comfortably on my small apparently inevitable fate

I woke up after an hour or so Laying around the water like this I have to have appeared as if nothing a lot like a seal sunning itself – easy pickings for any you-know-what

And affirmed no sooner had I acquired back around the ice and reconfigured my raft into its tent formation than the usual third bear made an appearance and that i needed to chase them back just as I’d using the other two

I understand what you’re thinking Why shall we be held so certain they were many different bears and different one? The actual fact that three bears socialized in much the same way indicates in my experience that they are different Whether it was exactly the same bear you realized it to understand from experience and become less scared the 2nd time a little more persistent

For the finish of this second day my luck transformed The fog finally lifted and that i saw around three miles away a powerful laser beam An icebreaker! I couldnt begin to see the port and starboard lights in the ship so I believed it was pointing within my direction Daylight was diminishing which may assist the crew place me

And So I trigger my final flare

And 36 hrs after my accident I saw exactly the one thing which i had pictured many occasions i believe – a Canadian save helicopter approaching me Before lengthy I had been jumping aboard and seeking to hug the males plus they were saying Calm lower calm lower guy We still need to achieve the ship

These were very surprised which i could walk on my own which i was speaking rationally which I didn’t actually need any help

I found that their ship the Pierre Radisson had left Iqaluit 30 hrs earlier coupled with been travelling all this time around to obtain me It had only began its search from the area once the third mate saw the final couple of seconds of my flare

Aboard everybody was overjoyed since these are save men first of all and it is quite rare to allow them to find people much like me alive I’d a hot shower and they required me towards the officials mess where I sitting lower in a large circular table

By this time around it had been after night time but a large number of eyes viewed me tuck right into a full supper They offered me a plate of the very most scrumptious fish that the chef had smoked aboard having a salad outfitted in essential olive oil It had been using this world There have been all things up for grabs however i didnt eat an excessive amount of that first evening The vodka too needed to hold back until the 2nd evening through which time i was approaching Iqaluit

In my opinion the hopes of numerous everyone was clarified after i was saved – my buddies and family well-wishers I’d met on my small journey and individuals I did not know – residents Inuits folks around the world that had learned about my situation I wish to thank everyone who interceded for me personally and all sorts of save people – the Canadian military and civil coastguard No-you whenever for regret No-one offered me a difficult time about forcing these to perform a save mission Before I travelled the place to find Russia they can offered me a polar bear like a reminder – a affectionate one

I did not complete my circumnavigation however i did observe how small the planet is and just how much everyone has in keeping People in america Canada and otherwise were so friendly in my experience I no more seem like only a Russian citizen however a citizen around the globe

There’s one question that everyone asks me Would I try it again? Its quite simple Basically might have ongoing my trip from Canada I’d did so with no moments hesitation

This really is sport You will find competitions and you will find records And also the good reputation for aviation is really a lengthy listing of such flight records The Planet Air Sports Federation in Lausanne is 109 years of age Imagine! Years because the beginning of aviation it’s fixed the records world records continental records and so forth 3 people before me had flown solo all over the world however they were in bigger helis with support teams And That I practically managed to get Eight-5 % 42 days from 50 and 33000km from 38000km

I havent yet exercised how you can request my buddies and family members for permission to take a second attempt On my small knees I have to beg their forgiveness for that difficult time I place them through being unsure of what went down in my experience for 2 days

But on my small knees I have to beg these to allow me to try it again Over and over

Can Lithuania turn brain drain into brain gain?

Migration is frequently seen when it comes to the outcome on western nations

But losing the youthful and gifted has large effects for that financial systems and education systems of nations left out In Lithuania this means colleges the launchpads of innovation can find it difficult to find enough candidates

Within the twenty five years since nov Communism Lithuania has lost 1 in 5 of their population

If this broke from the old Ussr in 1990 the Baltic condition were built with a population of 37 million It is now lower to 29 million

High amounts of migration since joining the Eu in 2004 are partially responsible with Eu statistics showing that nearly 54000 people left this year – 1 / 2 of them going to the United kingdom

Contributing to Lithuanias population decline may be the halving from the birth rate between 1991 and 2004

It makes sense deficiencies in 19 and 20 year olds harming the countrys colleges and endangering efforts to construct a understanding economy

Student enrolments are shedding by between 5% and sevenPercent each year states Ilona Kazlauskaite mind of Lithuanias greater education programmes unit in the Education Trades Support Foundation

The worst forecasts are that the amount of graduates will fall by 40% by 2023 in comparison to 2009 if there is nothing done

Pressure around the countrys colleges can also be driven with a brain drain of youthful talent particularly following the global economic decline

Unescos Global Flow of Tertiary-level Students shows greater than 12000 Lithuanians studying abroad from students population of 160000 Thats one out of every 14 students

The United kingdom is undoubtedly their favourite destination with only under 5000 Lithuanian students based on Unesco An additional 1600 have been in Danish colleges where tuition is free of charge for those EU students

United kingdom colleges have a similar tugging energy within the other two Baltic states – with 2200 Latvian students and 1200 from Estonia

All of this leads to a strain in Lithuania in which the economy is recuperating following the painful austerity many companies are screaming for youthful people with the proper abilities

This season started with Lithuania joining the euro and it is Leader Dalia Grybauskaite likes to indicate that despite diminishing the economy by 15% following the 2008 financial crash: Lithuania handled with no relief

Anticipation in Lithuania is the fact that investment and much deeper integration using the west follows

So can better economic fortunes turn back human talent flow and get more worldwide students to Lithuania?

It will not be simple The capitals Vilnius College dating back 1597 is battling

More tales in the BBCs Understanding economy series searching at education from the global perspective and just how to go into touch

Competition from foreign colleges to find the best Lithuanian students is fierce with scholarship grants and free tuition dangled while watching cleverest

Nijole Bulotaite the universitys speaker confesses: Retaining talent is among our most pressing problems together with demographic changes

However the fightback is going ahead and Lithuania is dealing with Latvia and Estonia to advertise studying within the Baltic states to worldwide students

Lithuanian data implies that the nation located almost 5000 foreign students in 2014 Up from almost 4000 this year

Most are from Belarus and Russia however growth marketplaces include Ukraine Nigeria Azerbaijan Georgia and Germany Students originating from India have risen from just 57 this year to 357 this past year

Ilona Kazlauskaite states: Medicine and engineering are most widely used for people from other countries and much more levels are now being offered in British

Trades and joint study programmes with colleges abroad are opening Lithuania to students from further afield including Poultry and Columbia

Nevertheless the key might be a brand new law reducing the best for foreign students to remain and search for work with six several weeks after graduation

Ms Kazlauskaite stated this will make Lithuania more appealing to worldwide students Formerly they needed to leave after graduation and obtain a new visa even when these were going onto a masters degree

Karina Ufert a Vilnius graduate who chaired the ecu Students Union this year-13 welcomes the move

Lithuanias work market needs worldwide students who’ve analyzed here learnt the word what and wish to work here or generate a business she states

But more must be completed to strengthen the colleges – with greater concentrate on repairing Lithuanias talents in science and engineering states Dr Margarita Starkeviciute an old person in the ecu Parliament

She brought round table discussions on the way forward for Lithuanian greater education in 2013 which known as for mergers to produce more powerful college brands

Despite support from some college leaders and also the vice-minister for education and sciences Rimantas Vaitkus there’s only been one merger from a college of drugs along with a veterinary academy Lithuania continues to have 14 condition colleges

Dr Vaitkus states: Despite falling student amounts more government cash is entering greater education and co-operation between colleges has been urged to promote possible mergers

Also, he welcomes efforts to turn back brain drain and support brain gain by encouraging Lithuanians working abroad to come back on the short-term basis to train at Lithuanian colleges

The number of brain drain and brain gain is dependent around the economy and today were area of the euro hopefully much more of our graduates will return and discover jobs in Lithuania

This really is large challenge for Lithuania and lots of other Baltic central and eastern European nations

But you will find some indications of coming back

Marius Skuodis aged 29 gone to live in the United kingdom together with his wife Rita a cpa for any two-year master of public administration degree in the London School of Financial aspects this year

Now he’s in Vilnius being employed as a senior specialist staying with you of Lithuanias worldwide relations department

Careful analysis return was very difficult he states It meant a lesser salary for the short term but the opportunity to pursue a PhD at Vilnius College and job possibilities in the long run

Lithuania offered me career possibilities I possibly could not expect within the United kingdom he states

Students challenged on extremism

The Nation’s Union of scholars (NUS) has been advised by ministers to aid the government authorities counter-radicalisation programme Prevent

Colleges Minister Jo Manley has written towards the NUS saying it had been disappointing to determine its opposition towards the Prevent strategy

The NUS stated it had legitimate concerns concerning the impact from the policy on student welfare

From 21 September United kingdom colleges have a new duty to prevent extremism

Institutions can also get to tackle gender segregation at occasions and should have proper assessment systems for asked loudspeakers and be sure individuals with extremist sights don’t go unchallenged

The guidance also sets out that colleges need to ensure they have appropriate it guidelines staff training and student welfare programmes in position to determine and react to signs of radicalisation

Similar responsibilities were placed on local authorities prisons NHS trusts and schools in This summer

The government authorities extremism analysis unit stated a minimum of 70 occasions featuring hate loudspeakers were held on grounds this past year

Within the letter towards the NUS Mr Manley stated: Colleges represent an essential arena for challenging extremist sights It’s important there might be active challenge and debate on issues relevant to counter terrorism and provisions for academic freedom are members of the Prevent guidance for colleges and schools

It is indeed my firm view that everyone has a job to experience in challenging extremist ideologies and safeguarding students on campus Ultimately the Prevent technique is about safeguarding individuals from radicalisation

Therefore, it is disappointing to determine overt opposition towards the Prevent programme The legal duty that’ll be put on colleges and schools highlights the significance the government places about this

Mr Manley known within the letter to comments produced by an NUS officer who he stated referred to the government authorities approach like a racialised Islamophobic witch-search and also to another union officer who stated that methods like Prevent ultimately exist to police Muslim expression

An NUS speaker stated there have been legitimate concerns concerning the change up the Counter Terrorism and Security Act may have on student welfare

Critique and debate is in the centre from the policy-making process and thus we’d encourage government to pay attention and think about the legitimate concerns which exist for their agenda instead of attacking organisations for not saying yes using their approach

As students unions aren’t public physiques and for that reason not susceptible to the Act its confusing the government are extremely centered on our work

NUS is really a campaigning organisation so our opposition for this agenda – according to both principled and practical concerns and passed at our newest national conference – is both valid and appropriate

On Wednesday the Pm David Cameron will chair the very first meeting from the extremism taskforce because the general election

Nicola Dandridge leader of Colleges United kingdom stated: Colleges have a huge role to experience in stopping violent extremism and marketing freedom of expression

Colleges have strong close ties using the police and security services and also have engaged using the government authorities Prevent strategy for several years This new duty is really a continuation of this work

She added: With regards to how people can become radicalised you should keep in mind that colleges are just one a part of youthful students lives and they’ve a number of other influences from grounds like the web social networking and membership of non-college groups

David Corke director of your practice and abilities policy in the Association of Schools stated: The safeguarding of scholars is of vital importance and lots of schools begin to see the Prevent duty being an extension of the responsibility

Stopping youthful individuals from being attracted in by extremist rhetoric and involved in activities that could place them varieties in danger is one thing that schools take very seriously

The UCU teachers union cautioned the anti-extremism policy threatened freedom of speech which colleges required to safeguard the authority to academic freedom and open debate

The very best reaction to functions of terror would be to retain our colleges and schools as open democratic spaces instead of close lower debate and make mistrust between teacher and student that is what diets risk doing stated the unions general secretary Sally Search

School computers do not raise results

Trading heavily in class computer systems and class technology doesn’t improve pupils’ performance states a worldwide study on the OECD

The think tank states frequent utilization of computer systems in schools is more prone to be connected with lower results

The OECD’s education director Andreas Schleicher states school technology had elevated a lot of false hopes

Tom Bennett the government’s expert on pupil behavior stated instructors have been stunned by school computer systems

The report in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development examines the outcome of faculty technology on worldwide test results like the Pisa tests drawn in greater than 70 nations and tests calculating digital abilities

It states education systems that have invested heavily in information and communications technology have experienced no noticeable improvement in Pisa test recent results for reading through mathematics or science

Should you consider the best-carrying out education systems for example individuals in East Asia they have been very careful about using technology within their classes stated Mr Schleicher

Individuals students using pills and computer systems very frequently often do worse than individuals using them moderately

Annual global investing on educational technology in schools continues to be worth £175bn by technology experts Gartner Within the United kingdom the investing on technology in schools is £900m

The British Educational Providers Association (BESA) states schools have £619m in budgets for ICT with £95m allocated to software and digital content

But Mr Schleicher states the outcome on student performance is mixed at the best

The report states:

Probably the most disappointing findings from the report would be that the socio-economic divide between students isn’t simplified by technology possibly even increased stated Mr Schleicher

He stated ensuring all children have a very good grasp of reading through and maths is really a more efficient method to narrow the gap than use of hi-tech products

He cautioned class technology could be a distraction and lead to pupils cutting and pasting prefabricated homework solutions from the web

The research shows there’s not one country where the internet can be used frequently in school by most students where students’ performance enhanced

One of the seven nations using the greatest degree of internet use within school it found three experienced significant declines in reading through performance – Australia Nz and Sweden – and three more had results which had gone stale – The country Norwegian and Denmark

The nations and metropolitan areas using the cheapest utilisation of the internet in class – Columbia Shanghai Hong Kong and Japan – are some of the top entertainers in worldwide tests

The research didn’t gather an amount for that UK’s internet amount of time in class however the United kingdom has one of the greatest amounts of computer systems per pupil

But Mr Schleicher states the findings from the report shouldn’t be utilized as a reason to not use technology but because a spur to locating a far more effective approach

He gave the instance of digital books which may be up-to-date to illustrate how online technology might be much better than traditional techniques

Mark Chambers leader of Naace your body supporting using computer systems in schools stated it had been impractical to consider schools should reduce their utilization of technology

It’s endemic in society now in your own home youthful individuals will be utilising technology there is no method in which we ought to take technology from schools schools ought to be leading not following

Computer systems in United kingdom schools

Source: BESA

Microsoft spokesperson Hugh Milward stated: The web gives many students accessibility amount of human understanding three dimensional printing brings advanced manufacturing abilities for your desktop and subsequently FTSE 100 business might equally well be built-in a bed room in Coventry as with the town

Mind teacher John Morris also strongly declined the concept

We are planning our kids for jobs that do not yet exist stated Mr Morris mind of Ardleigh Eco-friendly junior school within the London Borough of Havering

We are training these to use technology which has not yet come to exist So how will you possibly divorce technology from industry or from learning and teaching?

When individuals say money has been allocated to technology in class my fact is ‘Nonsense’ What we should require is more income more investment

The government’s behavior expert Tom Bennett stated there may have been impractical anticipation however the adoption of technology within the class can not be switched back

England’s schools minister Nick Gibb stated: We would like all schools to think about the requirements of their pupils to find out how technology can complement the fundamentals of excellent teaching along with a rigorous curriculum to ensure that every pupil has the capacity to achieve their potential

Turnbull sworn in as Australian PM

Malcolm Turnbull continues to be sworn in as Australias new pm after Tony Abbott was ousted by his party inside a leadership challenge

Mr Turnbull who had been communications minister under Mr Abbott may be the 4th pm since 2013

After using the oath of office Mr Turnbull attended his first Question Amount of time in parliament as pm

Mr Abbott on Tuesday stated his removal was tough but guaranteed to not undermine the brand new government

In the first public comments since his removal through the Liberal party late on Monday Mr Abbott stated it absolutely was a difficult day however when you join the overall game you accept the guidelines

He stated he was happy with what his government had accomplished whilst taking swipes at party people that had leaked towards the media and completed a sour bitter character murder

He didn’t say if he’d stick to the backbench or eventually resign from politics

Mr Abbotts removal adopted days of collapsing polls rankings and speculation in regards to a challenge to his leadership

Inside a move brought by Mr Turnbull and the deputy and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Mr Abbott was chosen by the Liberal party by 54 votes to 44

In the first Question Time session in parliament Mr Turnbull compensated tribute to Mr Abbott and stated fundamental essentials most enjoyable occasions to become an Australian

The near future is among great possibilities which requires confidence and leadership and it’ll be lost when we embrace the politics of fear and scaremongering

He stated guidelines would alternation in the sunshine of transformed conditions but didn’t signal any immediate changes to contentious issues including same sex marriage and climate policy

Opposition Labor leader Bill Shorten stated Mr Abbott was really a formidable fighter at work and recognized his generous and private character

Mr Turnbull isn’t likely to announce a brand new cabinet line-up to the finish each week

But following his fierce critique of Mr Abbotts economic leadership there’s been speculation that Joe Hockey might lose the Treasury portfolio

Ms Bishop that has maintained her role as deputy stated that Mr Abbott tried an admirable job in winning the 2013 election however that numerous people felt he hadnt met their anticipation

After making it through another leadership challenge in Feb Mr Abbott had requested six several weeks to show the Liberal Partys electoral hopes around she stated

Now seven several weeks later most have made the decision they wanted a big change of leader which he’d lost their confidence

But she stated Mr Abbot was clearly very hurt

Mr Turnbull stated on Monday evening the federal government would serve a complete term meaning an over-all election is probably in mid-2016

The very first real test of methods the general public has had this news is going to be on Saturday inside a by-election for that chair of Canning in Wa

The chair takes place through the Liberal Party Opinion polling done before Monday nights ballot recommended the Liberals would support the chair but in a reduced majority

Somali pirates fight over ransom

Somalia map

A minimum of five individuals have died in Somalia in clashes between pirates fighting on the ransom taken care of a lately launched hostage sources have told the BBC

The gunfight started within the central capital of scotland- Galkayo on Thursday mid-day

Journalist Michael Scott Moore that has dual US and German citizenship was freed on Tuesday after nearly 3 years in captivity

But there’s been no confirmation that the ransom was taken care of his release

It’s not obvious just who was holding him

He was kidnapped in The month of january 2012 while researching a magazine on piracy

The clashes started following a lengthy argument about how exactly the ransom ought to be divided several sources in Galkayo stated

Four males along with a lady were wiped out they stated

Police official Mohamed Hassan told the Connected Press agency that the top sailing commander was among individuals who died

Also, he stated that the ransom have been compensated

Various armed groups happen to be fighting for charge of Somalia because the overthrow of Leader Siad Barre in 1991 – a scenario which has permitted pirates to flourish

Regional centres like Galkayo in Somalias north-eastern region of Puntland have achieved positive results from investment funded by piracy

But occurrences of piracy off Somalias coast have dropped lately – with armed pads on ships and worldwide navy patrols reported as a few of the reasons by maritime experts