stunning cliffside beaches

Consider something spectacular for your next beach vacation. Ko Phi Phi in southern Thailand’s Krabi province is an archipelago of six islands about an hour’s boat ride from Phuket. On Phi Phi Leh, towering limestone cliffs surround Maya Bay’s pristine beach.

( — There’s nothing like high drama on a beach.

Sandy stretches that meander slowly and serenely into gentle waves are lovely. But that’s not the kind of beach that makes your knees buckle and has you reaching for your camera before you’ve got the sunscreen on your nose.

Instead, head for beaches where cliffs tower over the shore. Finding your way to the sand at these spots is often no easy feat. You’ll probably need to hike, climb or boat in, and some of these beaches are not recommended for swimming.

But what you trade in approachability is offset by the wow factor.

Beaches that cozy up to cliffs provide settings that stick with you — in far more than a sand-in-your-shorts kind of way.

Check out the stunning beaches above and tell us about your favorites below

UK Jews and Muslims issue peace call

The joint call comes as Israel and Hamas agree a ceasefire after fighting in Gaza

Jewish and Muslim leaders in the UK have urged followers of their faiths to “export peace” to the Middle East.

In an unprecedented joint statement, the Jewish Board of Deputies and Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) condemned Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

In it they acknowledge the “deeply-held views” about the conflict between Israel and Palestinians.

But reports suggest that the bodies disagreed over one line of the statement involving civilian deaths.

The statement clearly describes the loss of civilian life as unacceptable for both religions.

We pray for a speedy end to the current conflict and for a lasting peace for all”

The call for peace comes after Israel and Hamas agreed an indefinite ceasefire following 50 days of fighting which has claimed the lives of more than 2,000 mostly civilian Palestinians and 70 Israelis, 64 of whom were soldiers.

“In spite of the situation in the Middle East, we must continue to work hard for good community relations in the UK,” the statement said.

“We must not import conflict. We must export peace instead.”

Reports have suggested a rise in anti-Semitism since the conflict in Gaza began.

Calling on Jews and Muslims to “redouble efforts to work together and get to know one another”, the statement added: “We condemn any expression of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or any form of racism.”

The community leaders said there was more that united than divided followers of the two religions.

And while they acknowledged that “our communities may disagree about the origins, current reasons and solutions to end the conflict” in the Middle East, they pointed to areas of agreement.

“The death of every civilian is a tragedy, and every effort should be taken to minimise such losses,” the statement said.

“The targeting of civilians is completely unacceptable and against our religious traditions.

“We pray for a speedy end to the current conflict and for a lasting peace for all.”

But according to the Jewish Chronicle newspaper the two groups differed over a line in the statement which reads: “The targeting of civilians is completely unacceptable and against our religious traditions.”

The paper’s report suggests a dispute has since broken out over what is implied behind the phrase “targeting of civilians”.

A spokeswoman for the MCB reportedly told the paper: “It refers to both sides, Israel and Hamas.”

The Jewish Chronicle quoted a spokesman for the Jewish Board of Deputies who said: “We are very clear that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) does not target civilians – that’s why we felt able to sign it.”

The board describes itself as existing to “promote and defend the religious and civil liberties” of Jews in Britain.

Its Muslim counterpart the MCB is a national body of more than 500 affiliated mosques and other Muslim organisations in the UK.

US soccer moms sue over concussion

Football is growing in popularity as a youth sport in the United States

A group of young American footballers and their parents have sued Fifa and US football groups over the risks from concussions.

The California class-action lawsuit accuses the sport’s governing bodies of acting carelessly and negligently and failing to protect young players.

The filing also calls for new safety rules, including limiting the number of headers for young players

The US collegiate sports authority settled a similar suit last month.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) agreed to toughen rules over how long players have to rest after a head injury, and to create a multi-million dollar fund to test athletes for brain trauma.

The Fifa suit, filed by two former youth football players and parents of current young players, does not seek monetary damages, but calls for a medical monitoring programme for those who played football as children and young adults and may have suffered concussions.

The filing argues there is an epidemic of concussion injuries in soccer at all levels around the world” and that Fifa presides over this epidemic and is one of its primary causes through its ability to set the rules of the game.

The US Soccer Federation, US Youth Soccer Associations and several other football groups are also named as defendants.

A Fifa spokeswoman told US media they had no comment as they had not yet seen the lawsuit.

The spokeswoman, Delia Fischer, told the Bloomberg website the association has assigned a high priority” to prevention and treatment of head injuries, and has “clear recommendations” for team doctors.

The lawsuit particularly focuses on heading, citing research that the practice is more damaging for young people because their neck muscles are weaker and cannot slow the impact of the ball on the head.

Among the changes sought are limiting the number of times a player under 17 can head the ball and allowing temporary substitutions in professional leagues if a player has received a head injury.

Nigeria closes schools over Ebola

Children in Nigeria will be on holiday for a further six weeks

All schools in Nigeria have been ordered to remain shut until 13 October as part of measures to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.

The current outbreak is the deadliest since Ebola was discovered in 1976

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has temporarily shut an Ebola testing laboratory in Kailahun in eastern Sierra Leone after a Senegalese health worker became infected with the virus.

There have been 392 Ebola deaths in Sierra Leone, according to the latest UN figures released on 22 August. Kailahun is one of the worst-affected districts and is currently under blockade.

It’s a temporary measure to take care of the welfare of our remaining workers, a WHO spokesman is quoted by the Reuters news agency as saying

On Tuesday, the WHO said an unprecedented number of doctors and nurses had been infected with Ebola which was further impeding control efforts.

Infections were due to a shortage of protective equipment and staff, it said.

Only one or two doctors are available for 100,000 patients in some of the affected countries